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Featured Gemstone Page

This page highlights some of our favorite stones available here at African Gemstones.  These are all naturally colored pieces gemstone rough.

Purple Rhodolite Garnets

Very rare natural Purple Rhodolite rough from Tanzania!  Both of these stones are well suited for faceting and very clean internally.  For more information including pricing go to the Rhodolite Plate here.  Absolutely spectacular material!


Natural Kornerupine rough from Tanzania, very rare!  Although rather different shapes, both of these stones are well suited for faceting.  For more information including pricing go to the Collector Gemstones Plate here.

Namibian Blue/Green Tourmalines

Classic beautiful Namibian Blue/Green Tourmaline AAA gemstone rough!  All slightly preformed to save weight on cutting, very pretty material!  Visit the 10+ ct Tourmaline Plate to see more information and pricing.  Video taken in direct sunlight.

“Santa Maria Afrique” Aquamarine from Mozambique


“Santa Maria Afrique” aquamarine finished and set in 18K yellow gold for color reference.

Although this video is a few months old, three of the four larger aquas are still available!  Excellent blue colored Aquamarine rough from Mozambique.  Hints of green in this material, but strong color and all natural and slightly preformed for best cutting yield!  For more information about these aquas please visit the Beryl Plate.